Welcome to Dangri Desert Safari Camp, Sam Jaisalmer

Dangri Desert Safari Camp is a 5 acre desert tent resort which offer Rajasthan style Swiss Camps for travelers planning to stay a night in Sam sand dunes area of Thar desert. By booking a night accommodation at our camp, you can enjoy cultural evening program, taste local cuisine with a nice dinner & breakfast and safari tours of sand dunes.


Sam or Sam sand dunes is a popular tourist destination near Jaisalmer which offers activities like camel/ jeep safari, paragliding, desert bike and night stay at desert camps. Travelers have been enjoying this unique experience for more then 4 decades and we Dangri Desert Camps are offering these services since 2014.

Camel Safari

One can enjoy a camel safari at the sand dunes of Sam.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari, Paragliding & Dirt bike are must to experience here at Sam.


Enjoy the true Rajasthani folk dance at the camp.

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